My Chi’s Health Roller Coaster

These past two weeks have been hell. My dog collapsed one morning and stopped breathing. I blew into his nose a couple times and he started moving and breathing again. The roller coaster started there. From there we went and visited either an ER, regular vet, and Specialist 9-10 times within these 2 weeks. Mostly… Continue reading My Chi’s Health Roller Coaster


Nail Polish Obsession 💅🏻

Is anyone else obsessed with nail polish? I have been for years now. I have a display rack that fits about 100 on my wall and a plastic shoe-size tote. That doesn't include the gel polishes I recently added and all the nail wraps I own. But I don't paint my nails too often.... what… Continue reading Nail Polish Obsession 💅🏻

Expense Tracking

Something on your "to-do list" that never gets done. Image copied from Does anyone else use this app? I haven't used a checkbook ledger in years. I have recorded everything in this app. My problem is I don't use it correctly, I just record my transactions. I don't set a budget and stick to… Continue reading Expense Tracking

2022 So Far Not So Good

The beginning of 2022 has already brought so much including heartache, loss and new experiences. New ExperiencesQuick History: When I went to high school my grades suffered. I messed around in my classes by either laughing and talking or writing love notes to my boyfriend (now husband). P.E. Freshman year I got an F for… Continue reading 2022 So Far Not So Good

Working From Home For Real

So maybe I wasn't being a dumbass. Photo by Gareth Willey on Working from home DID actually turn into a thing! I have been working from home since the end of July 2021. The offer was legit, and I didn't make a stupid choice. I am currently making more than I ever have, have… Continue reading Working From Home For Real

A Child With Anxiety

It is hard, very hard. My daughter suffers from anxiety. Everything is an extreme reaction to things happening to or around her. She worries about almost everything. “What if this happens? What if that happens?” It has gotten so bad that it interferes with not only my home life but also my work life. She… Continue reading A Child With Anxiety

Working from home, can it be reality for me?

This recent life of ours has all of our worlds spinning in a different direction, I know. I had the privilege, yes I would call it that, to work from home for a month....and I didn't want to go back to normal. I don't know if it was because my husband was also working from… Continue reading Working from home, can it be reality for me?

Rejected – Focus Shifting

Once again I have received another rejection email from a job that I've applied to and interviewed with. I don't know how many times someone can be rejected before they just don't try anymore. But if you don't try you will never get the chance for change. So, whats running through my mind now is...… Continue reading Rejected – Focus Shifting